icon-Manual-1 Job Dictionary

The Jem Health Job Dictionary is a manual handling guide for job tasks within your industry. It provides guidance for managers and workers on the identification, assessment and control of safety and health hazards and risks, associated with manual tasks.
A Job Dictionary breaks down each task according  to forces exerted, handling of loads, repeated movements, sustained postures and equipment or tools used which expose workers to potential musculoskeletal disorders.

A thorough Job Dictionary will assist with:

  • Preventing injury, illness, pain and suffering of individuals in the workplace
  • Improved business performance, efficiency, and productivity
  • Fewer worker’s compensation claims, which may lead to lower premiums
  • Faster and easier return to work for workers who sustain an injury
  • Fewer absences from work and less disruption
  • Retention of skilled workers
  • A safe workplace with a positive safety culture.

Should your company be interested in creating a Job Dictionary specific to your industry and workplace environment, contact the Jem Health team.