The return on investment for workplace Health & Wellness programs has been well documented with the most consistent results showing a $3 return per $1 investment on such programs.

An effective Corporate Health Risk Assessment & Wellness program can be tailored to your workplace environment and company goals. The types of benefits you should expect from an effective program are:

  • Improvement in staff retention
  • Increased productivity – healthy workers are almost 3 x more productive than unhealthy workers
  • Reduced absenteeism – healthy employees have fewer sick days
  • Improved morale – healthy employees are generally more motivated and productive
  • Increased engagement – employees who believe their business genuinely cares about their welfare are more engaged and have greater job satisfaction.
  • Better team work – working towards the same health goal will improve employee relations leading to better team work in the workplace.

Where to start?

Jem Health’s Health Risk Assessments are a simple and effective tool for measuring the current status of your workforce health while also providing an opportunity for your employees to learn about their personal health.

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Specific Health Risk Programs

If you already know the area of your workforce’s health which is of concern, our team of allied health professionals can tailor our Specific Health Risk Programs to your needs. Examples of these programs include;

Quit Smoking Sleep Hygiene Nutrition & Weight Management Mental Well-being Posture and Ergonomics
Hydration Awareness Health for the Ageing Workforce Pre – start Warm Up Programs Back Care and Injury Prevention Manual Handling

Alternatively, let our team put together an annual program for your business encompassing all areas of health relevant to your workforce.