Our Health & Wellbeing programs provide an all round package with two big focuses, employee retention and employee health & safety. When we say health we mean every aspect of health including physical, mental and social well-being.

Onsite Health & Wellness Program

Our programs are highly structured and managed to ensure consistency and quality however we do appreciate every client has different visions so we will mould our program’s objectives accordingly.

Included in our onsite Health & Wellbeing programs are:

  • Daily pre-start warm ups and stretching
  • Manual handling advice and monitoring throughout the workplace
  • Health challenges including weight loss, mental health and physical activity programs
  • Sporting competitions
  • Exercise prescription and timetabled fitness classes
  • Exercise equipment and sports facility management
  • Social activities, special events and charitable fundraiser coordination
  • Extra learning opportunities such as computer skills, art/music and language lessons
  • Education through Tool Box Talks in areas of Mental Health, Nutrition, Health Promotion, Functionality, Happiness and Stress, and Occupational Health & Safety
  • Promotion of Healthy Eating
  • Newsletters promoting health, participation and community development