One in three rural or remote workers will suffer from mental illness every year.

Mental Health Program

Jem Health have developed a multifaceted, proactive mental health program, to raise awareness about the benefits and challenges associated with working remotely and the effects of a FIFO lifestyle.

The program educates and equips participants with a range of strategies to assist in maintaining healthy mental and physical well-being while living and working away from their families and friends.

It will also assist your business in identifying the greatest challenges your team face in the first three months of working away as well as decreasing employee churn.

Our mental health program comprises of 4 stages;

  1. Remote Control Induction: Prevention, Awareness & FIFO Resilience Training
  2. Proactive Phone Assistance
  3. Onsite Training & Consulting
  4. Employee Helpline





Jem Health also offer counselling at their Perth based clinic. Individual or group / family sessions can be booked by calling the Jem Health clinic. Confidentiality is assured, with a private and comfortable environment provided.