Our pre-employment screenings will assist you to place staff safely, with our guaranteed swift, reliable and transparent turnaround of results.

icon-Manual-1 Pre-Employment Medical Assessments

Jem Health understand that thorough, transparent and consistent reporting is of utmost importance when receiving information on the suitability of your prospective employees. We also appreciate the operational pressures of remote and corporate work so finding a provider you can be confident will accommodate urgent bookings and provide 24 hour turnaround of results will assist your team to focus on other operational tasks. Our simple, personalized booking system will save your operations team valuable time.

icon-Manual-1 Pre-Employment Functional Capacity Assessments

Every work place and role within that workplace has differing physical demands required of your employees, so it is important to ensure the functional capacity assessment your prospective staff complete accurately reflects the nature of their future work.

Our evidence based functional capacity assessment is thorough and transferrable to most work places, however for more specialised and high risk roles, we recommend our clients utilize the services of our specialists to observe high risk tasks being performed in your workplace and tailor your functional capacity assessments accordingly.